Ukrainian mapping tool taken offline by DDoS attack

Liveuamap, a tool journalists and relief organizations have used to follow the conflict in Ukraine, was the target of a DDoS attack earlier today that lasted approximately 18 hours, according to . The website was founded in 2014 by Ukrainian journalists and software developers and mainly operates out of the Eastern European country. At 12:48PM ET, Liveuamap its website was slowly coming back online with help from Cloudflare. The company’s mobile app was still experiencing some issues at the time.

It’s unclear who was behind the attack. In the lead-up to Thursday’s invasion, Ukraine for a series of cyberattacks that hobbled dozens of government websites. Since then, the country has called on an “” of international volunteers to disrupt Russian government websites. That same weekend, Anonymous for a DDoS attack on the website of Russia’s Ministry of Defence.

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