Twitter will let anyone listen to Spaces audio without having to log in

Twitter wants to expand Spaces‘ potential audiences, so it’s making audio conversations available to anyone — even those who’d rather not sign up for an account. Now, hosts and listeners can send anybody a direct link to a Spaces audio broadcast, and those with no Twitter accounts can listen to it on the web without having to log in. They won’t be able to participate, but it could still lead to more listeners and a wider reach.

The website has been adding more and more features to make Spaces easier to share and discover ever since it launched live audio conversations. In July, it allowed users to compose new tweets directly from the Space, which will link to the audio chat and any accompanying hashtags. It introduced a Spaces tab on iOS in October, giving users a way to find audio shows in one place. Then, it opened up hosting duties to everyone, which potentially means more audio shows people can listen to.

Since not everyone can tune it to live broadcasts, Twitter also rolled out the ability to record Spaces audio to a limited number of iOS hosts. By recording their sessions, hosts will be able to link to it and share it for 30 days, and listeners on the platform can watch it right on their timeline. 

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