Roblox says its extra-long outage can’t be blamed on Chipotle

It hasn’t been a good weekend for Roblox players. The Verge notes that the gaming platform has been down since 7PM Eastern on October 28th (nearly two days as of this writing), with no resolution in sight. It’s not clear what prompted the failure beyond an “internal system issue,” but Roblox Corporation stressed that it wasn’t due to a Chipotle promo that launched just half an hour earlier. This wasn’t linked to “any specific experiences or partnerships,” Roblox explained.

The promo offers a total $1 million in free Chipotle burritos to players as part of a Halloween event. That could prompt a spike in activity on Roblox, but it’s not likely to disrupt a game with over 40 million daily users.

The outage certainly won’t help the platform, though. Over half of Roblox players are pre-teens, and its surge during the early pandemic helped fuel high-profile concerts and platform-exclusive games. Failures like this could easily anger kids (and their families) that spend much of their time in Roblox‘s virtual universe. While the downtime likely won’t hurt the platform’s long-term reputation, the company clearly can’t afford many incidents like this.

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