August’s Smart Lock Pro is $99 for today only

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With features like WiFi support, Bluetooth, HomeKit and a closed-door sensor, August’s 3rd-gen Smart Lock Pro is feature-rich but quite expensive at $230. Fortunately, if you’ve been coveting that model, you can now pick one up today only for much less — just $99 at Amazon (57 percent off) as its deal of the day. 

Buy August Smart Lock Pro at Amazon – $99

August has several Smart Lock versions, with the basic model lacking features like Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave Plus compatibility, along with several features (WiFi, Alexa and Google Assistant support and remote access) requiring the $80 August Connect WiFi bridge. That’s all included with Smart Lock Pro since it comes with the Connect Hub. At 86mm compared to 72mm, it’s larger than the basic version and requires four AA batteries, rather than two CR123 cells in the lower-end model. 

Other features include remote/guest access, August app support, auto-lock and unlock, DoorSense to confirm your door is properly closed and arguably a more attractive design. It also fits over your current lock and dispenses with the thumb turn, as you just turn the outside of the lock to open your door. 

If the size and configuration isn’t an issue, then the Smart Lock Pro is clearly the one you want, so the $99 price tag makes it essentially a no brainer. At that price, it’s cheaper than the basic model that’s currently priced at around $130, or $154 with Connect. It’s also a lot less than August’s latest model, the 4th-generation Smart Lock WiFi (which doesn’t require the Connect Hub), currently selling for $230.  

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